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Guess what I want for Christmas.....

One of the rarest Warner Bros. cartoon of all times.....

While the potential for loss of life or limb is high with these, you could have a really fun weekend in Vegas with them....

We've opened our YouTube TV station!

Which reminds me of the one that started it all.

Wikipedia's page explains that: "Scanimate is the name for an analog computer animation system developed from the late 1960s to the early 1980s."

The Scanimate systems were used to produce much of the video-based animation seen on television between the late 1970s and early 1980s in commercials, promotions, and show openings. One of the major advantage the Scanimate system had over film-based animation and computer animation was the ability to create animations in real time.

"The basic idea...had the simplicity of genius: video has always been constrained to make a rectangular array, identical for both the camera that generates the signal, and the monitor that receives it. Why not play with the voltages that direct the electron beam that paints that image? What could you get with that? How could you steer the beam for a nonrectangular effect?"

"...Scanimate was basically a video synthesizer, set up and adjusted 'on the fly'...used multiple oscillators to drive the video controls to warp and twist the 945-line "high-res" video (hey, in those days, that WAS high-res video). The distorted video was then scanned by a 525-line camera to convert it to standard NTSC video...

YouTube has a trailer for a documentary these guys did about Scanimate called "The Dream Machine".