CNC Mini Mill Conversion Kit (Hardware)

CNC Mini Mill Conversion Kit
Convert X2 manual mini mill into a cnc machine. This tutorial will cover the hardware installation. A future tutorials will provide steps for the electronics, software, and the basic settings to get you CNC machine up and running. Author: Nick Raymond Time required: 5 hours Difficulty: Moderate What do you do when you want a CNC machine, but don’t have the room or the funds for a massive professional machine to build your custom parts? I found myself in the same dilemma, so I chose to scale down my purchase and invest in a manual mill that I could eventually convert to a CNC machine. Before purchasing my X2 Mini Mill from I did some research to investigate what it would take to make the switch from a manual mill to a complete 3-axis computer numerically controlled milling machine. These small hobbyist mills are manufactured in China and Taiwan, and then shipped to companies like Harbor Freight, Grizzly and Micro-Mark who paint them various colors and sell them under different names. Since the basic foundation is all same, a small community has formed around this popular mini mill platform to share ideas and hacks .When opting to convert to CNC, there are numerous kits and conversion designs to choose from. These options range from simple PDFs with diagrams and schematics to high precision hardware and electronics bundles.[Read More]